Iohan Figueroa

Mexican artist, works with organic forms of nature, botany, and zoology; those are the most recurrent themes in his work and also his main sources of inspiration.
“The necessity to make a botanical record of the flora that is on hand, and the necessity to extract them from their natural environment, where they are rarely appreciated and contemplated, and finally endow them with an artistic meaning through alchemical processes that completely transform organic material into bronze”
Iohan’s artistic career began at Rufino Tamayo School of Fine Arts, in Oaxaca Mexico a place renowned for his culture, traditions and a great recognition for his school of artists who have left a very important mark on Mexican art.
During his career Iohan has opened his mind to different influences, finding his inspiration in many cultures, he studied at “Forma ceramic school” based in Barcelona, Spain; where he improved his ceramic skills, and then continue to develop them at Girona school in Medellin Colombia, at the same time he also attended Lucas Restrepo atelier, working for the first time with metals such as silver, gold, and bronze.

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